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Video & Photography

“Paul and David really know what they are doing. Extremely knowledgeable in the correct angles to take the photos and it was second nature to them. Not only did we get incredible photos and video of our home, I also got a mini-lesson in drone photography as Paul explained what they were doing and why as the drone was in the air.”

 - Casey Warner - 

"We must say that Paul and David came out to the farm several times making flights to get the right angles and views we wanted.  On many occasions, they sat down with us helping us decide the best way to display our years of hard work putting our farm together.  We can't thank them enough for their time and energy in providing us with something we'll cherish forever."

 - Fred & MaryAnn Heckendorn  - 

Taking pictures using the X71 is very easy because you can see the screen clear and bright in the sunshine so you know what you're getting.  I tried and iPhone and 9.5 inch iPad but the sunshine washed out the image so you couldn't focus or set the density right.  The X71 is bright and gives you true colors.  I love it!

 - Kennith Smith - 


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